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Title:stability of Stage LED display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 11, 2016

315 from the recent party, CCTV Spring Festival Evening, to more distant Beijing Olympic Games, stable performance stage LED display have been highly recognized by the industry and beyond. This also prompted more people want to know what is the use of technology to ensure that these can always stage LED display stable, where I put together relevant information, from material selection, system control program, working status display three Detailed terms of how to ensure the stability of the stage LED display.

 How to choose material

 LED display raw materials, including LED lights, driver IC, power supply, power signal connectors, these are decisions LED display quality of the core elements.

Therefore, the material selection requirements are: international brands, higher than the industry standard requirements for the relevant test, as well as the requirements of various protection functions. For example, switching power supply selection requirements: overheating protection, to support a wide AC input voltage, anti-surge. DC outputs have overvoltage, overcurrent protection. Structural design to ensure the box beautiful fashion, we must also ensure good heat dissipation and fast splicing.

 Technical requirements for system control schemes

Because of the special stage LED display for its stability at work demanding. So every aspect of system control schemes have hot backup features, including video sending and receiving equipment, signal transmission cables. It guarantees a link system unexpected situation, the system can automatically diagnose and at great speed switch to the backup device to work, the entire switching process will not affect the display of the scene.

For example: In order to meet the needs of stage setting, stage LED display need to broadcast live mobile mosaic style. If staff negligence or other reasons, a large-screen display signal input line occurred in the middle of the release, in the conventional control schemes, from loose housing occurred beginning to the end signaling cascade, all displays They will be no signal. If you add hot backup program in the control system, the signal wire loose moment, hot backup function is enabled, then the stage LED display can still work properly, will not bring any impact to the live broadcast.

 Working status real-time monitoring

Stage LED display the working status of the computer can be used for real-time monitoring, including temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, cooling fan working condition and so on. Various conditions can occur for automatic adjustment process, and provide the location of the abnormal alarm.

For example: When a box because of environmental or other factors cause the internal cabinet temperature is relatively high, so in the absence of timely treatment, the power supply inside the case can occur at any time over-temperature protection. If the display monitor working conditions in this case, the system will lower the internal temperature of the display to adjust the display through the intelligent working condition. When smart regulation can not lower the temperature when you set a target, the system will alarm mode is set by the staff, and to provide an exception cabinet position, notify the staff timely manner. Ensure that the display normal working condition and safe to use.

 In short, all aspects of stability from the material selection, hardware design, system control program wants to improve the stage rental LED display and so on comprehensive consideration.

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