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The History of rental LED screen lease

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 09, 2016

Rental LED screen with our own brand has gone through four major periods:

The initial period (before 2007): The high housing requirements, design and mold costly, small market demand is not sensitive to leasing companies for Screen purchase price competitiveness of products mainly in the die-casting Aluminum convenience and beauty aspect.

High-speed development period (2007-2010): gradually open the market, the influx of a large number of enterprises, intense "adequate" competition, entering the competition stage box structure and lending guts.

Steady period (2011): Competition is becoming "white hot" events budget significantly "shrink", "Red Sea" began to appear, along with fierce price war spread rapidly.

Competition period (2012): The price war intensified, decreased from 2008 to 1500 yuan per square meter in 2012 to 150 yuan per square meter; lease of more than a dozen manufacturers from the earliest to the present numerous overall strength uneven; payment cycle from the earliest to the spot now end now dragged on; increasing price transparency, the rental market into Boli period.

Stage rental LED screen market competition:

The total market is limited, first-tier cities basically saturated, second and third tier markets have a certain increment

Spacing decreased, bringing leasing costs increase, but the rental income is not high, low rental market sentiment overall level

Industry has become tighter capital chain, progress payments, and other operating income into account paragraph worsening situation

Hotels, convention properties leased point control some high-quality resources, the formation of a monopoly in certain areas, the revenue model has gradually shifted from display rental income content creation and content dissemination.

Rental LED screen manufacturers and manufacturers to develop rental outlet:

First, the line for the high-end rental market sophisticated products, such as Chau Ming Technology Upad series for the international market and Utile series and R-series for the domestic market.

Second, efforts in product quality, the introduction of high stability, standardization of specifications, high-definition display, high density, highly adaptable product. This is the LED display industry to mature and healthy development of the inevitable trend.

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