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Small pitch LED display broken the traditional ,becoming star product

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2016

Small spacing LED market broke out, a small spacing LED downstream market demand hot. At this stage, a small pitch LED display has become a sought after star competing products, the pursuit of high-density display never stop, and this is certainly a kind of technological progress. But in the high degree of concern, its significant advantages and disadvantages will be revealed. In response to gradually increasing competition for survival, LED display enterprises need to transition from OEM manufacturers to total solution provider role, from product quality to expand distribution channels, service, brand marketing, and cost-effectiveness, and so on.

In the marketing level, we often comes to a concept, the user experience is, how to better enhance the user experience, how to better meet customer needs, is the LED display enterprises should pay more attention to the aspects. So how to be closer to customers' needs? First, we must start from the product level, because a good product, they will speak

Standard resolution

Recently, a question has been criticized by the LED display splicing unit is its use of 1: 1 aspect ratio to produce for mainstream display wall 16: Specifications of trouble caused by the presence of unequal wall 9 video signal source. On the other hand, in the field of large-screen, DLP splicing, LCD splicing technology can achieve 16: 9 ratio stitching unit, this LED screen becomes flawed.

16: 9 high-definition video and UI International recognized standards, said the standard resolution, in line with the needs of the human eye comfort, which makes more than the current display device according to the proportion of production, including the image of the LED display is also more this "golden ratio" of equipment acquisition, production.

1: 1 unit can not be 16: 9 signal sources point to point match, causing distress to install and use and image effects LED video wall. Based on this question, LED display enterprises in the corresponding research and development.

In addition to reducing the pixel pitch, how to effectively enhance the product's ease of use to enhance the user experience become a very important research and development ideas. Implement the resolution of standard, fine pitch LED application flexibility has improved, so as to provide a more diverse selection.

Before maintenance

Maintenance for the field of LED display is already more common design, maintenance brought before installation, convenient maintenance can greatly enhance the user's application experience, but also the advantages of product differentiation aspect. However, the small pitch LED screen as the lower thickness of the high density displays, cooling difficulties, according to the traditional LED display module can only be removed from the front, and inconvenient access to the power and control card mode will cause the user difficulties. To this end, in 2015, many enterprises to strengthen the front maintenance design on a small pitch LED display applications. Maintenance before a small pitch to become one of the hottest product categories in 2015 the industry.

These products have in common is to break the traditional LED screen control card and power supply before dismantling the inconvenience of defects, to achieve a module, power supply, control card full real before maintenance, thus saving installation space can be achieved such as hanging, Once it meets the window display and preservation of the environment can only be installed wall-mall complex installation before maintenance needs. And effectively simplifies the installation and maintenance operations such as matrix screen, which helps users save space for the use of cost and maintenance cost of the screen body, welcomed by users.

Currently, fixed installation indoors small pitch LED screen market, fierce competition, product homogeneity serious, the manufacturers have to how close to the actual needs of users, to create superior products as the R & D focus, before the introduction of the maintenance concept is an example. It is believed that future similar thereto really close to the needs of users will have a lot of product innovation.

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