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Six stages development of LED display industry

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 15, 2016

First, the formation stage: prior to 1990, LED display applications mainly in indoor applications, with indoor LED display, instrumentation, and other fields to display based. At this stage, the development of LED mainly confined to restricted material aspects of the communication control there is a lot of constraints, LED display and is not widely deployed in applications, demonstrated the effect is very general, it led to a large screen analysis, in this period, LED display abroad get a lot of applications, range more widely, due to the many constraints of technology, materials and so on, our products are mainly red, green, two-color-based , the production cost is relatively high.

Second, the popular stage: in 1990 to five years, the domestic LED industry is in a stage of rapid development into the 1990s, the world is in a period of rapid development of information and communication technologies continue to make breakthroughs in various fields, LED materials and control technology industry in these two areas also continue to make new achievements, LED large screen display products become the mainstream of the time. Since the blue chips led the successful development of full-color LED display also appeared in the people's vision, the rapid development of the computer, making the dynamic effect of the LED display to enhance geometrically, in recent years is China's LED industry the fastest growing period.

Third, to enhance the stage: This stage is in 1995--2003 years in this period, LED display applications into a very stable period of improvement, industrial structure will be constantly improved, showing a steady improvement in the overall trend, in addition , full-color LED display technology in various fields have made great improvement. During this period, competition has intensified, there have been many domestic small and medium enterprises, product prices continue to fall, this is a very gratifying thing for consumers. LED display applications further expand, it has become the mainstream display products.

Fourth, the innovation phase: 2003-- 2007, the past few years is the LED display innovation stage, the major domestic enterprises indeed be said to be flourishing, LED technology products and applications from cross-development, the formation of a broad market, there is a market on there will be competition, increased competition in the LED driving applications continue to improve, continue to have new products come out, LED development on the basis of materials and related technologies, so that the level of innovation of domestic enterprises to continuously improve.

Five large-scale stage: 2008-- far, LED display applications mature and rapidly toward large-scale direction. On a series of major sporting events, LED products have been widely used, further promote the application market and large-scale industrial development, small and medium enterprises have begun reorganization, merger, only through integration, and having only large enterprises competitive capital. Many phenomena indicate the domestic LED industry, China's LED industry is toward the group, the scale direction.

Sixth, the industry major reshuffle stage: 2011 - present, the influx of a large number of the early practitioners, resulting in industry was mixed, overcapacity, industry reshuffle into the trend. Since 2011, Jun Li, the vision of optoelectronics, Bo Lunte, Haobo optoelectronics, large eyes, Everlight, ten photoelectric LED display and a number of companies have closed down, Lei Xingguang electricity, Zhongshan City Lighting Factory did not mind to adhere to the LED lighting into the civilian market dawn, Taiwan Kellett photoelectric LED crystal factory in Zhongshan City Shihao epitaxial factory bankruptcies, shuffling shadow has been shrouded in LED industry, in 2012 the collapse of Shenzhen LED production enterprises has reached more than 80, 2013 reproduction veteran bankruptcy. Industry reshuffle into the mainstream in recent years, LED industry reshuffle is bound to experience growing pains, but after the reshuffle era industry is bound to the healthy and steady development.

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