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Maintenance method of LED sign board

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

Outdoor LED sign board are usually the main support structure of steel materials, mainly in the open air, the affected temperature, humidity, harmful substances and other factors, can easily be oxidized and cause corrosion, corrosion of steel can be a serious member anti-loading ability is greatly reduced, and therefore, we need to face outdoor LED billboards maintenance issues.


1. Basic Expansion Act: By setting concrete or reinforced concrete around the sleeve around the sleeve, increasing outdoor LED billboard at the bottom of the base area, changing the ground because the billboard foundation area is too small, insufficient bearing capacity resulting from differential settlement.


2. Pit Underppinning: LED sign board after being pitted directly underpinning under the pouring of concrete.


3. Pile Underpinning Method: A billboard or both sides of the lower part of the basis of hydrostatic column, into piles, piles and other pile for foundation reinforcement methods.


4. grout underpinning method: uniformly injected chemical grout foundation, through which the original slurry loose soil or cracks in cement cured to achieve improve the bearing capacity, water impermeability role.


Rectification is the use of artificial means to make tilted Foundation reverse tilt operation in order to achieve the correction of outdoor LED billboard tilted purposes. Commonly used methods of outdoor billboard foundation are the following correction:


1. The landing correction method: to take measures to prevent sinking LED sign board foundation settlement of a multi-side measures taken by landing on the other side. Landing method comprising: loading ingot or stones, cantilever construction, landing dig soil, water correction and the like.


2. jacking Rectification: tilt billboard foundation settlement in large portions, by adjusting the amount of lifting billboard various parts to make the whole plane rotated back into place in order to achieve the purpose of a point or along a straight line.

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