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LED display packaging technology Sourcebook

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 25, 2016

1, in-line package

In-line package with a lead frame for a variety of package outline Pin (commonly known as stents), one end of the stent are generally "cup-shaped bowl" structure, the LED chips in the stick welding "cups shaped" structure, then using potting LED molding to form a liquid epoxy resin injected into the cavity, and then insert the stick down welded LED stent, the high temperature grill molding, and finally from the mold, cut into single. Line package is the first package successfully developed the market structure, the number of variety, high technical maturity.


2, lattice package

Lattice package is a plurality of LED chips regularly by 4 × 4.8 × 8 matrix arrangement of stick welding and other miniature PCB board, cover with plastic and epoxy potting reflecting frame made of double use of outer leads type needle with internal micro-PCB connection. Its all-wrapped package, so the stable performance of its internal structure, protective and strong.


3, three-line package

By-line process improvement, the RGB three chip sealed into a lamp-line, developed a triple line of outdoor products. It did not change the traditional lamp-line packaging process, but in the structure and composition of the product breakthrough, the RGB enclosed in a lamp, the lamp uses four feet. With this package, DIP LED display without changing the production process can be done in the case of smaller density, but also very competitive on price.


4, surface-mount package

Surface mount package is a single or a plurality of LED chips on a stick weld metal stents with plastic "cup-shaped" outer frame (stent outer pins are connected to the LED chip P, N pole), go down to the plastic outer box filling seal liquid epoxy resin, and then baked at high temperature molding, and finally cut separated into individual surface-mount package devices. Because it can use SMT technology, high degree of automation.

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