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How to prevent fire and correctly installed?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 23, 2016

Display cause of the fire:


Usually led display fire there are many reasons: the operation Cause: Usually caused by a short circuit, the main cause of the short circuit was caused by human error, such as positive and negative reversed, the connecting portion is not strong and so on, so the led display installation must be installed by a professional, rigorous checks must be carried out after installation before use. In addition to operational errors, but fell into disrepair, the aging are possible reasons for short circuit caused. External causes: led display surrounding combustible materials piled up, it could lead to led electronic display of "getting burned." Production reasons: some companies to cut costs, such as PCB, three anti-paint and other raw materials are not fireproof and not high temperature, the wire is too thin it will overload cause a fire. Design Reason: Some companies in the case of lamp beads and other core materials with no breakthrough way to increase the current blind pursuit of high brightness, increase the heat, is bound to increase the fire hazard.


How to properly install and use:


Since led electronic display belong to electronic products, the main materials are also part of the fuel, so proceed from the fundamental "nip in the bud burn", the use of high-quality power supply, wire, IC, connected devices such as flammable devices, reducing the failure rate, and control the probability of fire led display; the technical aspect, the process must be led screen installed by a professional installation, supervision, inspection, may take preventive measures; led display surrounding Yi combustibles, fuel cleanup and prevent the surrounding fire hazards cause fire led display; after-sales maintenance, led by professionals regularly monitor testing, inspection.

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