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How to define the brightness of led display?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 14, 2016

First, the identification of the brightness of a LED display.

1, make yourself an easy connection of light emitting diodes 3V DC power supply, preferably with battery production. You can use two button batteries, packed in a small plastic tube and leads to two probes as the positive and negative output, trailing by shrapnel made directly to a switch, use a probe corresponding to the positive and negative contacts are light-emitting diodes negative pin, hold the end of the switch, the light-emitting tube was electric light.

2, followed by a combination of photosensitive resistor and a digital multimeter into a simple metering device, the photoresistor leads to two thin wires directly connected to a digital multimeter two tables pen multimeter on 20K gear position, pay attention to the actual measured values photosensitive resistor, so the smaller the value, the brighter the light.

3. Take a LED light-emitting diode lighting with more than 3V DC, is on the bald hair and live close to the connected photoresistor photosensitive surface, then, appears multimeter reading this resolution LED luminous brightness.


Second, the identification of brightness levels, means that the human eye can distinguish the image from the black to white between the brightness level. The gray scale of some high, can reach 256 or even 1024. However, due to the limited sensitivity of the human eye to brightness, and can not fully identify these gradation. That may be a lot of adjacent level gray eye looks the same. And the eyes ability to distinguish different person. For display, the human eye is naturally better grades, because the displayed image after all posters. The human eye can distinguish brightness level, the greater meaning of the display color space, showing rich colors potential for greater. Brightness discrimination level can use special software to test generally able to display more than 20, even if the level is good.


Third, the brightness and viewing angle indoor full color brightness To 800cd / m2 or more, outdoor full color brightness to 1500cd / m2 or more, to ensure the normal operation of the display, otherwise it will be too low and can not see because of the brightness of the display Image. Size of the brightness from the LED die is good or bad decision. How much the size of the audience display viewing angle directly depends, therefore the bigger the better. Perspective is mainly determined by the die package.

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