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How to choose energy-saving LED display?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2016

As people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection is increasingly strengthened, to strengthen energy conservation issues from time to time. Many countries and regions in the world have introduced policies, and vigorously support the development of energy saving LED industry, many LED display manufacturers are scrambling to introduce a variety of energy-saving technologies LED display.

In response to the call of energy conservation, Mai Rui photoelectric introduced a new concept of green energy in line with the low-power outdoor LED display that uses less power supply and fan, use a lower voltage, energy-saving at the same time, help enhance the LED life.

Shenzhen LightS Technology co.,ltd energy-efficient LED display unique technical characteristics:

1, constant noise reduction technology

LED display driver chip using advanced LED display of the ASIC system internationally, in the full color LED display system dominate the field.

Binding characteristics of their chips to study the formation constant noise reduction technology to ensure other sources of noise and other factors that affect power LED electronic display due to be reduced to a minimum.

2, brightness adjustment technology in order to adapt to different weather, so the display to achieve the best display, LED electronic display designed brightness 256 adjusting device. Ensure that the entire LED display in a variety of environments to achieve the best effect.

3, strong convection heat at work heat system LED display screen body issued higher in order to ensure the entire display system to run in a stable state, the study on display cooling system, and a set of strong convection heat system. Plus the use of aluminum heat conduction effect, the cooling system more stable and reliable.

4, environmental protection technology uses special materials environmentally friendly materials, through a special process, no gluing, can make the LED display module to achieve both water and dust, and UV environmental objectives. High-end, energy-saving technology to improve the display does not rely on one device, it is learned. But technological innovation and transformation on the overall program. In terms of high-end, high-end performance is not just drawn components, the new processing technology, scientific and reasonable structure design, also has a single-point detection, point by point correction and other functions, the luminance uniformity ≤5% Case substantial flatness improve, improve the display effect, reducing the failure rate of the screen body. Energy-saving aspects, for the new package design, control and reasonable tolerance, high low temperature can adhere to a suitable clearance between the module; the same brightness LED lamp operating current is small, can effectively reduce heat; housing means intelligent temperature control and intelligent brightness control, lowering the temperature of the display to improve the display effect, extend the life of the display.

LED display itself is energy-efficient products, how to choose the LED display will be used depending on the location of customers, combining technical features above to select the appropriate economic and environmentally friendly LED display.

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