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Four advantage of indoor and outdoor hd LED display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2016

1, the national industrial policy support

A number of industrial policy of the State Council, the Ministry of Science, Development and Reform Commission and the local government to promote the whole LED industry development and industrial structure optimization and upgrading has played an important role. In the context of industrial policy support, industry scale expanding, increasingly complete industrial chain for the industry enterprises to improve competitiveness and to participate in international competition and create good conditions, is expected to domestic emergence of a group with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness backbone enterprises.

2, a wide range of product applications, market prospects

LED applications in the ascendant, and gradually formed a domestic LED indication, signal and display backlighting hundreds of LED application products, widely used in decorative landscape lighting, large screen display, traffic lights, household appliances and digital display lights, car lights , mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, LCD TV backlight and other fields. As technology advances, LED also the emergence of new application fields such as aerospace, medical and agriculture. LED application market share all kinds of steady growth and the development of new and emerging application areas, to create a good market space for the development of LED industry.

Further expansion of large national infrastructure needs, the future of China will accelerate the construction of affordable housing projects, speed up rural infrastructure construction, speed railways, highways and airports and other major infrastructure construction, speed up earthquake reconstruction, the scale of investment will have a more substantial increase . These major investments will generate the bulk of the demand for including display, special lighting, general lighting, landscape lighting, etc., various LED application products.

3, the industry advances in technology, cost reduction will boost the industry needs

At present, subject to the upper reaches of the core LED devices and other costs, the higher the price of high-end LED display products, the large-scale promotion of a certain display applications obstacles, but with the decline in the cost of technological progress and the breadth, and market demand depth will be further expanded, while the substitution effect will be a greater degree of market release. LED industry chain will achieve positive interaction between the upstream and downstream, new products, new technology application quickly display applications industry market will be further broken down, the entire industry, market capacity will be further enhanced.

4, the downstream industry standards continue to improve, to become standardized development direction

With the application of LED display applications more widely, its downstream applications such as outdoor advertising, sports venues and so gradually established related management practices, such as Beijing and Nanjing have drawn up a "Beijing electronic display set norms" and "Nanjing outdoor electronic display regulations," the State Sports General administration also issued a "stadium equipment requirements and test methods (part 1: LED display)." In addition, the Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Public Security have also established standards corresponding LED display applications. Established above industry standards and specifications, LED display industry will help to promote the orderly and standardized development. LED display technology matures, at the same time, market competition has intensified. It makes people feel happy with the excellent, how to do the layout product differentiation will be the key breakthrough "winter" .

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