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Epiandrosterone 99% 481-29-8 Hot Products

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 05, 2016
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: 481-29-8

  • Export Markets: Global

  • Type: Chemical Reagent

  • Volatile: Not Volatile

  • Specification: 99%

  • HS Code: 1803200000

  • CAS: 481-29-8

  • Certification: SGS

  • Grade Standard: Medicine Grade

  • Trademark: Sports Nutrition

  • Origin: China

Product Description

99% Bodybuilding Steroids Epiandrosterone for Fat Burner (Steroids)
Product Description
Epiandrosterone (Steroids)
CAS No.: 481-29-8
EINECS No.: 207-563-3
Molecular Formula: C19H30O2
Molecular Weight: 290.44
Place of Origin: HuNan China (Mainland)
Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Purity: ≥ 99%
Packaged by: 25kg/drum
Appearance: White or almost white crystal, Melting Point: 174, Loss on drying 0.23%
Usage: For the steroid hormone drugs
99% Bodybuilding Steroids Epiandrosterone for Fat Burner
Epiandrosterone is a prohormone that is completely legal and available over the counter. It may also appear under the name 3b-hydroxy-etioallocholan-17-one. Epiandrosterone is a precursor to Stanolone, a powerful steroid hormone. Epiandrosterone can be found naturally occuring in most mammals and is excreted in urine as a normal part of human metabolism. One of the reasons that this prohormone is legal because it has been found to be naturally occurring in pine pollen. Epiandrosterone and Androsterone are very closely related. Androsterone is the 3-alpha isomer and epiandrosterone is the 3-beta isomer of this compound. The actions of the two isomers in the body are different, but still very similar. Most epiandrosterone supplements are actually a mix of the two isomers, meaning that they contain some androsterone as well as the main ingredient epiandrosterone.
B. Epiandrosterone has been shown to naturally occur in most mammals including pigs
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Advantage system products:
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