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Drive mode of the led screen

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2016

Static: Static display high brightness for outdoor. Its control method is to separate the individual single-pixel color (typically an LED) power supply. So that each pixel has enough drive current, the brightness correspondingly higher.

1/2 Scan: under the same conditions as other cases, 1/2 scan display brightness is lower than the static, suitable for outdoor and semi-outdoor. Its control mode is equivalent to the original single lamp power supply current while the two LED lights. So it will be reduced in brightness. Of course, at the same time the supply is not evenly distributed current two LED lamp current, but the current is constantly scans between two LED, a scanning frequency of 100 times per second, which means that the current supply is within 1/100 sec a one LED, in the next 1/100 second is supply another LED. In fact, the two LED is constantly blinking, but the human eye's persistence of vision effect let us unaware they constantly blinking, as long as the scanning frequency has reached more than 64 times per second, the human eye can not distinguish out .

1/4 Scan: other things being equal conditions, 1/4 scan display only 1/2 scan display half brightness, suitable for outdoor and indoor half. Its control is from the two LED 1/2 increased to four LED. Current sweep across four LED.

1/8 scan, 1/16 Scan: These are lower brightness drive mode, and is generally used only indoors. Their control is by analogy.

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