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Do you want to use energy saving outdoor led screen ?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2016

First, the structural design

Outdoor LED display larger general area, so it is still very heavy. LED display installed outdoors, home to note is the design of the structure. Mounting structure should be taken into account: the main factors wind, earthquake, and other hosts; followed by the shape, structure, design, decoration and should be attached to the building or the environment in harmony screen body; furthermore, is to consider local environmental factors, such as air humidity, air salt content (seaside town) and so on.

Second, light pollution

The end of February "chaijing haze survey - under the dome" caused everyone haze, attention to environmental protection, social care, concerned about the environment is everyone's responsibility. In recent years with the popularity of the LED display, but the mention of the "light pollution" concept. ? So in the end LED display count "light pollution" it according to the current international definition of light pollution, usually divided into three categories: white light pollution, artificial daylight and phototherapy pollution. At present, China only white light pollution in the relevant provisions of the glass curtain wall, daylight and artificial light pollution there is no relevant regulations. However, taking into account light pollution does cause people feeling unwell, should belong to "light pollution." In the design of the display screen has been considering the issue of light pollution control display screen.

Depending on the cause of the formation of our products we take the appropriate solution:

1, rational planning and installation location of the display area

Depending on the viewing distance and viewing angle as well as the surrounding environment, and a display content requirements, rational planning and location of the display area. Rather than blindly pursue large area, the location is significant.

2, broadcast content selection and design

Large display is a giant public media, there is public service, advertising category, indicating the like. When we choose to play the content must be in agreement with the requirements of the public and avoid refuse to see psychology.

3, multi-tone color correction technology to improve softness.

LED display products use more gradations, so that the color looks soft colors, natural transition.

4, the system can automatically adjust the brightness adjustment

Brightness change different times and places great environment, if the display brightness is greater than the play environment too much, it causes people not suited to the eye, especially during the day and night brightness difference is relatively large, resulting in light pollution, our automatic brightness adjustment the system can automatically broadcast the brightness conversion for the environment, to avoid light pollution.

Relative and white neon lights advertising light boxes and other products in recent years, many LED display manufacturers in the needle of light pollution in this area made a considerable amount of work, the degree of light pollution greatly reduced, making it to enrich our visual space, lit a better life big contribution.

Third, low-carbon, energy-saving

Since a LED display appears to have been based on energy saving, environmental protection and taken seriously, this is synonymous with energy-efficient LED. Compared with the traditional lighting products, LED energy-saving advantages are quite obvious and prominent in the near future, full of great trend to replace traditional lighting.

As the world people's environmental awareness, everywhere we can hear a low-carbon, energy conservation, people can feel the efforts to protect the environment and make cities: electric taxi; LED road lights; solar wind street lights; freon a refrigerator and so are our lives most sincere feelings.

LED display using light emitting material itself is energy-saving products. However, since the area of outdoor LED display is generally large, the power consumption is large. Currently, many outdoor LED display manufacturer in response to long-term development perspective of the interests of the world's energy industry and to consider the organization's call, has launched a more energy-efficient, low-carbon outdoor LED display products, its power consumption, compared to the previous screen, It has been greatly improved.

Outdoor LED display, since the brightness of surrounding environment during the day and at night there are great changes, so we can automatically adjust the brightness of the outdoor LED display, to achieve energy saving effect.

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