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Do you know these about led light?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 31, 2016

Self-ballasted LED lamp / energy-saving fluorescent lamps because favored by consumers, consumers in the purchase to achieve the "three fit."

1. Select the appropriate power. Consumers in the purchase source, should pay attention to marks on the product, based on the use of specific circumstances to select the rated power, tone parameters meet the requirements of the product, the power to select the right size lamp.

2. Select the appropriate color temperature. Different color temperature of lighting products, the luminous colors are different. Lighting products on the market, generally on the base or overpack boxes with letters or directly with the Chinese marked by the appropriate light color and color temperature. Consumers purchase should note the difference.

3. Select the appropriate size of the structure. Note that the cap with plastic binding is solid, if not strong enough, during the installation of the lamp cap danger of falling. Consumers should choose the right size according to the specific use of its lighting, do not blindly pursue large size of the lamp, handling inconvenience caused.

In addition, it should be noted that the use of lighting by two points: First, we must pay attention to regular replacement; Second, pay attention to safety when loading and unloading, you should power off and then the operation must not operate in an energized state

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