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Do you know LED driver power supply?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 01, 2016

In the global drive power LED applications LED integrated modular, intelligent is the main research direction, through an industrial grade IC control circuit to replace the traditional drive power, the drive power supply components to solve the traditional poor consistency, bulky, short life and integrated the disadvantage of higher production costs, while the future of LED products to achieve long life, high reliability live, ultra-small size, and the Internet of things after the super intelligent communications and large-scale production after the ultra-low production costs and create the possibility sex.  LED driver power supply At the same time, relying on the APP, Internet communications, and hardware in the field of comprehensive research and development capabilities, to realize intelligent life light move your feet.


A, LED drive power press can be divided into two categories:


A. Constant Current:


1.LED driver power supply constant current drive circuit is ideal, the disadvantage is the higher price.


2, LED driver power supply although the current circuit is not afraid of short-circuit load, but the load is prohibited completely open.


3, constant current drive circuit output current is constant, the DC output voltage as the load resistance but different sizes within a certain range.


4, to limit the number of LED's used, as it has to withstand the maximum current and voltage values.


B. Regulators formula:


1, the voltage regulator circuit to determine the parameters, the output voltage is fixed, but with the current output of the increase or decrease in the load variation.


2, although the regulator circuit is not afraid of open load, but the load is completely non-short-circuiting.


3, the rectified voltage change will affect LED brightness.


4. For each series regulator circuit to drive the LED display brightness uniformity, the need to add an appropriate resistor can.


Second, LED power supply according to the circuit configuration can be divided into six categories:


1, the conventional step-down transformer:


The advantage of this power supply is small, disadvantage is the weight of emphasis on power efficiency is very low, generally 45% to 60%, because reliability is not high, it is seldom used.


2, the electronic step-down transformer:


This lack of structure is that the power conversion efficiency is low, narrow voltage range, generally 180 ~ 240V, moire large.


3, capacitor step-down:


In this way the LED power supply vulnerable to fluctuations in grid voltage, low-power efficiency, should not be used when the flashing LED, since the circuit through the capacitor step-down, when the use of flashing due to charge and discharge the role of instantaneous current through the LED great, easy to damage the chip.


4, resistance voltage:


This power supply is very low power efficiency, and reliability of the system are relatively low. Because the circuit through the resistance voltage, interference from the grid voltage variation is larger, is not likely to cause the power supply, and consumption is also dropping resistor itself most of the energy.


5, RCC buck switching power supply:

 LED power advantages of this approach is relatively wide voltage range, power efficiency is relatively high, generally 70% to 80%, the wider application. The main drawback is not easy to control the switching frequency, the larger the load voltage ripple factor, abnormal load conditions poor adaptability.


6, PWM control of switching power supply:


 For now, PWM control of LED power supply design is ideal, because the output voltage or current switching power supply of this very stable high power conversion efficiency can generally be as high as 80% to 90%, and the output voltage, current is very stable.


Particularly suitable for LED street lamp drive power in this way in the LED power supply is mainly composed of four parts which are: input rectifier filter section, output rectifier filter section, PWM voltage control section, switching energy conversion and this part of the circuit has. comprehensive protection measures, a high reliability of  LED driver power supply.

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