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Development characteristics and market trends parsing of Small pitch LED screen

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 16, 2016

Main features LED display outbreak!

Stage of development of small pitch LED display

Why LED large screen companies interested in the development of a small spacing LED large-screen products? The answer is threefold. First, traditional outdoor product technology gradually climb, small indoor pitch products into future major expansion of space technology, which instigated the upstream manufacturers interest in small pitch products; second, the traditional outdoor LED large-screen market, fierce price wars, market profits decline, terminal enterprises urgently need to find a new growth point, increase profit levels; third, indoor display, especially in engineering gradually entering the market a variety of techniques stalemate stage, highlights the market opportunity, product development and adaptation projects into the interior market, you can achieve the traditional LED large screen enterprises, "Reconstruction of the business structure." Thus, the emergence of a small pitch LED large screen, both technological inevitability, there are companies active market selection, more effective and expansion capital chasing instinct driven.

What is the definition of small pitch LED display is? This question has no clear answer. 10 years ago, P4 following screen is called a small pitch; five years ago, often specific to a small pitch P2.5 product; now only less than the pitch P2 product became known as a small pitch. Thus, since the LED display industry has entered a rapid development period, the pursuit of high-resolution small pitch products, the industry is an important direction of development and progress.

Currently, the market mainstream products are small spacing means P1.6, P1.5, P1.2 grade other products. Wherein the pixel pitch 1.2MM products are mass-produced products of the highest pixel density. Products from the laboratory to see, 1.0MM product has reached the level of mass production, 0.8MM product has exceeded all of the key technology node will be one of 14 new products in the second half of the main, smaller pixel pitch products also have a research and development to explore. Among them, the most noteworthy is that, P0.8 products already on the 50-60-inch display size, achieve 2k standard definition output; P1.5-level products to meet the level of 100 inches display full HD Videos quality display. - These standards, although behind the liquid crystal display capabilities such as 4K, but fully meet and exceed the national standard high-definition display, in line with the requirements of the mainstream of today's resolution video and audio signals, in line with the requirements of the resolution most indoor display applications.

It is because of the following products mature and P2 appeared in large numbers, LED display industry have a "small pitch" into the interior of the strategic aspirations and become a highlight in the outdoor LED display prices continue to decline, the market increasingly competitive background, the key direction of development of the industry. Incomplete data show, LED display industry since 2010, after more than 7-8 percent of R & D resources are used to the small pitch products, and related IC, package, and other technology. But even so, large-scale application of a small pitch LED display technology and there are still difficulties on the industry.

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