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Current issues for led large-screen

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

The streets, the city's north-south highway, we can see the led display figure. Those bright colors are not brought us to enjoy, but the negative effects. When night falls, when the lighted stillness, would like to see the night sky, you will find a wide variety of light already sky "light", you do not want to capture the landscape; when you are driving on when the city streets, that moving led display super-bright picture being played, it will distract you, break your focus on driving.

In recent years, this issue has been taken seriously, and has been a significant correction, so that this situation can be alleviated. The relevant administrative departments to take the time to limit the lighting and brightness method, led display manufacturers are using the automatic brightness adjustment function, self-adjusts according to the brightness of the environment, not only more energy efficient, but also nourish the people disturbing shortcomings can be overcome .

Furthermore, it is led display ignition problems. Led display on fire fire caused almost every year, and perhaps some of the fire is not led display itself is the cause, but adverse impacts to fish, but still led display of security on the agenda. led by a number of display modules splicing, the larger the area of the display, the more modules, the greater the power, heat issues more prominent, the more power potential threat.

For led display is the most intuitive of the problem is the price, the price of an occupying more than 50% share in the consumer's willingness to buy. Apart from a small pitch products, led display price is almost stabilized, and with the development of technology, the price has decreased year by year. The past two years small pitch products between the user widespread, small pitch led display highlighting the advantages of the moment get a lot of consumer recognition, but the price of small pitch products due to the use of more chips caused by excessive use may be a small pitch promote a "stumbling block."

Some stage led display manufacturers have succeeded in doing little output 0.7mm pitch products, but really applied? Small 1.2mm pitch products applications are even numbered. From the viewing experience and cost control is 1.0mm or even 1.2mm fine-pitch has been able to fully meet the needs of the watch, not to mention a small pitch is 1.2mm product price so that consumers have been difficult to accept. For led display manufacturers, the most important thing is not to develop smaller dot pitch led display, but how can the existing technology into real applications. To user acceptance of their products, we must first face the cost, if not for consumers to accept the price, no matter how good the product can only be used for pure show. Product price and performance to be taken into account, only the product has enough value to the consumer price will not make people shy away.

In general, the development of a variety of problems led display industry appeared in, but many of the issues have been resolved manufacturers are, and user acceptance. led the development of the display is actually a problem of finding, problem-solving process. For now led display manufacturers, the biggest challenge is the small pitch, endless opportunity has also brought many problems, who can solve more problems for users, who can get the user's support.

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