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Advantages of Shenzhen LED display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 18, 2016

1. the integrity of the industry chain


Shenzhen is the world famous electronic city, capital of design, advanced technology (compared to other cities), metal processing and more perfect than elsewhere. With these basic foundation for the development of this matter has nothing new industry. Manufacturing components from buy, sell transaction Shenzhen efficiency more efficient.


2. good location advantages


Adjacent to Hong Kong, excellent port, land transport, aviation and shipping facilities to make more advanced than other cities.


3. the administrative examination and approval procedures simplified and flexible policy guidance.


Compared with other cities, Shenzhen is a young city seat dynamic city. Often nationwide reforms initiated and plots will choose Shenzhen. Since all production activities in the market dominated by the guidelines, the open market compared to other cities, Shenzhen market information to facilitate more informed decision-makers can better formulate policy guidelines.


4. higher capital market activity


As we all know, the rise of a new industry inevitably large investments early, pre-financing of Shenzhen developed financial companies can help companies grow more flexible and more easily late to visit the capital market.


5.broader market


As a good location and well-developed shipping industry, Shenzhen is now brought together 15 Chinese Electronic Information hundred companies and more than 1900 e-business, for promoting the growth of the electronics industry in Guangdong major force in 2012, Shenzhen sales of electronic products are expected to be to reach 1.1627 trillion yuan. "And Electronic Product Manufacturing vital to China's economic development, its exports accounted for one third of China's total exports."


6. abundant human resources


Shenzhen mature technicians, engineers, designers, marketers, managers richer This provides a good foundation for the production of high-quality manpower LED display. According to statistics at the end of 2010 the resident population of 1035.79 million, of which household population of 251.03 million. The total population including floating population of 1,322 people.


Summary, Shenzhen is a national and global LED display production the main gathering place, the achievements can not talk about, but soldiers uncertain situation, who would be seen what the future will develop. Recent years due to human, plant rental, prices in some areas of continuing insecurity, Shenzhen LED display is also constantly facing industry consolidation continue to adjust. By having its own unique advantages into full play, we make every effort to his own shortcomings and weaknesses in order conducive to the improvement in market unbeaten. Small spacing Shenzhen LED display, LED display and LED Smart TV LED display so that we see another spring.

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