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8 WAYS for LED display maintenance

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 18, 2016

LED display is a commonly used commercial lighting, it can not only play the role of commercial lighting, but also as an advertising screen, the LED display is generally used outdoors, so if its not well-maintained, it life will be greatly shortened, LED display maintenance skills is actually very simple.

1, to maintain full-color LED display large-screen environment of humidity, do not let anything nature has moisture into your large-screen full-color LED display. For full-color large-screen display containing humidity powered, full-color display can cause corrosion of components, and cause permanent damage.

2, try to cause harm to the full-color display screen items away from the screen, but also the time to clean the screen Wipe gently as possible, to minimize the possibility of injury.

3, the relationship between large-screen full-color LED display is most closely with our users, do cleaning and maintenance work is also very necessary. Prolonged exposure to the outdoor environment, wind, sun, dust, and so easy to show the dirt, some time down the dust on the screen is certainly one that needs to be cleaned impact surface to prevent dust wrap long viewing.

4, requires a stable power supply and ground protection is good, do not use the particularly strong lightning storms harsh natural conditions.

5, screen body is strictly prohibited water, iron and other easy-to-conductive metal objects. LED display large screen as far as possible be placed in low-dust environment, large dust will show the effect of an impact, while excessive dust will cause damage to the circuit. If the water due to various reasons, please power off immediately and contact maintenance personnel, until the screen displays the body plate dried before use.

6, focusing on LED display switching sequence, are generally the first to open the control computer so that it can function properly before turning on the LED display screen, and when you turn off the computer, first turn off the LED display, and then turn off the computer.

7, do not play in a long time all-white, all red, all green, all blue, all bright screen, so as to avoid excessive current, power line fever is too large, LED light damage, affecting the life of the display.

8, LED large screen display require periodic inspection is working properly, the line for damage, if not at work should be promptly replaced, the line is damaged to be repaired or replaced.

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