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​Control way of led screen

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2016

LED Displays Controlling Remotely

For most application, the signal from the controlling PC to the LED display screen is transferred via a RJ45 cable. The distance of 100m is normally far than enough for most clients enough for most clients' requirements and most economic way. But some clients would like to control the display in a further distance than 100m, or even thousands of Km. For these cases the remote control by internet will be chosen.

For to realize controlling remotely the LED screen by internet you need the following:

The internet connection ror both locations, for the LED screen as well as for the controlling PC; Two PC's, one for to place at the LED screen and the other one to control the LED screen remotely. At last, we will introduce the signal transfer in a simple way. For most people it's not strange to know that one PC can control another 

PC through internet.

And the essential of LED display remote control is the same. But our software will combine and set the control in a convenient method. And the operator will easily control the display from quite a far distance. For the detailed information please ask our sales for the manual of control system.

Economic LED Screen Controlling

The most economic way for controlling a LED screen is using the basic RJ45 signal cable. But for some special clients, they will not place the control PC nearby the LED display, because it's not convenient for them to edit and program the content nearby the LED display. Those clients will request for a longer control distance. In this condition, a fibre-optic solution will be chosen. And in this way, the control distance from the LED screen to control room where the controlling computer is placed can reach up to 10Km, or even more. This will bring a relative high cost which won't make it an economic solution.

Usually for LED screens and LED displays that will be controlled over a long distance, an internet connection can be choosen too. This only applies if an internet connection is available for both locations to control the LED display and to control the PC. We recomment to control the LED screen remotely by the internet of course.

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